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“Devil Songs” – Double Disc plus Bonus Tracks




New double disc album from Northern Irish rockers Trucker Diablo, the CD comprises of the bands first 2 albums “The Devil Rhythm” and “Songs of Iron” plus newly recorded songs from that era and early demos. A must for fans and lovers of all thing rock.


Disc 1: TheĀ  Devil Rhythm

1. Drink Beer, Destroy

2. Juggernaut

3. Big Truck

4. Stand Up and Fight

5. Voodoo

6. Never too Late to Sin

7. Dirty Love

8. Black and Blue

9. When Angels Die

10. Rattlehead

11. Running Scared

12. Whiskey Women

13. Evil Marie

14. Free Wheelin’

15. Burn the Witch

Disc 2: Songs of Iron

1. Red Light On

2. Year of the Truck

3. The Rebel

4. Drive

5. Not so Superstar

6. The Streets Run Red

7. Lie to Me

8. Maybe You’re the One

9. Bulldozer

10. Rock Hallelujah

11. Highway Radio

12. When’s it Gonna Rain

13. Shame on You

14. I Wanna Party with You

15. Other Side of the City


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